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AAC 14" chrome air cleaner w/bow-tie wing nut

Item Code: AAC-141302 
Measure: Each 
Weight: 10 lb 
Price: $59.95 
Availability: In Stock

14" chrome air cleaner w/bow-tie wing nut

Chevrolet classic 14" with Bow Tie center nut. The 14" air cleaner kits are supplied with 3" tall filter GM P/N 6421746 (AC P/N A212CW). For buyers wishing a taller (4 1 /32 ") filter, purchase GM P/N 8997189 (AC P/N A697C). This filter is available with a black foam rubber outer wrap as GM P/N 8996118 (AC P/N A644C). The bases of the 14" air cleaner kits are recessed for a low profile appearance, maximum performance and hood clearance. Technical Note: Minimum clearance of 3 3 /4 " is required from the top of the carburetor gasket area to the underside of the hood. GM P/N 12342071


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