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CTI Fan Controll w/ A/C

Item Code: CTI-FC2Px 
Measure: Each 
Weight: 5 lb 
Regular Price: $94.99 
Sale Price: $79.99 
Savings: $15.00 (15.79%) 
Availability: In Stock

Electrical Gauges
Mechanical Gauges
Digital Gauges

CTI Fan Controll w/ A/C
No radiator tube
Uses existing wiring
Simple hookup
Fully adjustable
Driver-controlled temperature
A/C hookup standard
30 ampere relay inside box
Protective Fuse Link

Why get stuck out in the middle of nowhere with an overheated engine! The FC-2 temperature control allows you to adjust your correct engine temperature in seconds. The control unit mounts right under your dash and gets connected to your electrical temperature gauge and your cooling fan. A single knob allows you to adjust your engine to a comfortable operation temperature. Additionally, each unit can attach to your A/C system to run the fan whenever the system needs it. The FC-2 has a built-in heavy duty relay to provide maximum power to your fan and it comes with a tiny LED lamp to let you know when the fan is running plus a fuselink to protect the wiring between the temperature control unit and the fan. Each unit comes with a one year warranty and complete instructions. Ask for the FC-2PG for electrical temperature gauges. The FC-2PE includes an engine temperature sender unit to operate with a mechanical temperature gauge. Digital gauges use the FC-2PD .


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