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HEI '64-1/2 - '70 Must, '67-'68 Cougar,
'60-'65 Falcon Susp Kit
FREE Freight (if order total is over $ 1500.00)
FREE 11" Brakes

Item Code: HEI-must/coug/falcon 
Measure: Each 
Weight: 200 lb 
Regular Price: $1,955.00 
Sale Price: $1,621.00 
Savings: $334.00 (17.08%) 
Availability: In Stock

64-1/2 to 68 Mustang
67-68 Cougar
63-65 Falcon

Economy Kit
Deluxe Kit

Power Steering?

HEI '64-1/2 - '68 Must, '67-'68 Cougar,
'63-'65 Falcon Susp Kit
FREE Freight on heidt's orders over $1500.00
FREE 11" Brakes
The completely assembled Mustang II Suspension Package and Crossmember Assembly is shown so that you can see how your installation will look when completed. You can see that this is a very state of the art suspension system that will give your Mustang the ride, handling and stopping you are after.

Kit Parts:


Now you can install new HEIDT'S Inner Fender Panels to complete your '64 1/2-'68 Mustang Il installation. They are precut to bolt directly to the inner fenders after the spring towers are removed, and come with all hardware. Some drilling is required. They will give your new IFS installation that finished, professional look.
'64 1/2-'66 Mustang Fender Panels PX-325 $59
'67-'68 Mustang Fender Panels PX-326 $59

Inner Fenders:

Power Booster & Dual Master Cylinder

Power Brakes for your Mustang. Kit includes: Power Booster, Dual Master Cylinder and correct Proportioning Valve for Disc-Drum or Disc-Disc cars. Designed for use with our Disc Brake Kits. Fully assembled and plumbed, ready for installation.
Power Booster & Dual Master Cylinder (Disc/Drum) DB-106
Power Booster & Dual Master Cylinder (Disc/Disc) DB-106-D
Manual Dual Master Cylinder Kit with proportioning valve: (Disc/Drum) DB-107
Manual Dual Master Cylinder Kit with proportioning valve: (Disc/Disc) DB-107-D

Motor Mounts:

Bolt-on Motor Mounts for your Mustang II Crossmember Fits small block installations Motor Mount Stands (pair) MM-130 $79 Rubber Mounts (pair) MM-135 $45

Stabiliser Bar Kit:

Stabilizer bars, or sway bars, are used to help control body roll and sway. Heidt's Stabilizer Bars for '64 1/2-'68 Mustangs are made of heat treated steel.
Stabilizer Bar Kit, 7/8" Bar, Rubber Bushings (Stabilizer Bar Braket Kits sold seperately) $169

Call 1-877-225-7257
for Info on Additional Upgrades


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