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Lokar Cables
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LOK-cht1300 Combo hood/trunk release cable kit, Black, Stainless, Black Stainless (midnight)
$149.99buy now

LOK-dlr2100 Universal door latch cable release
$45.99Buy Now

LOK-ec80/81/f/fht Jag/Universal/T-Bird/Ford Explorer e-brake cable
$119.99buy now

LOK-ec8001/2/3/4 Connector cable foot/hand/under dash operated E-brake
SEE below

$72.99buy now

LOK-ec80t Transmount emergency brake cables
$119.99buy now

LOK-hr1100 Hood release cable kit
$69.99buy now

LOK-sp1500/1 Black/Stainless housing speedometer cable kit
$69.99buy now

LOK-tr1200 Trunk release cable kit
$82.49buy now


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